AutoVENT Foundation
  • Want to help? Can your shop make any of these parts?

    The AutoVENT machine is assembled from thirty-five (35) unique parts. Two (2) of the parts are thermoformed, four (4) are injection molded, five (5) are machined, one (1) is a printed circuit board and the rest are off-the-shelf hardware items. Presently there is an urgent need for CNC machine shops to make the steel and aluminum mechanical pieces shown below. If you and your shop has capacity to produce all or some of these parts in minimum quantities of 50 units, please download below drawings and contact Mike Bandy at AutoVENT purchasing ( your lead-time, parts you can make, your quote, your quality system and other information you believe is relevant for the AutoVENT team to issue a purchase order. We look forward to working with you.

    • Exploded Assembly Drawing

    • ABVM 5252 Motor Adapter

      Part No: PT1-000002

    • ABVM Con Rod

      Part No: PT1-000005

    • ABVM Crank

      Part No: PT1-000001

    • ABVM Crank Cap

      Part No: PT1-000006

    • ABVM Finger

      Part No: PT1-00008

    • ABVM Idler Wall

      Part No: PT1-000004

    • ABVM Motor Wall

      Part No: PT1-000003

    • ABVM Strain Finger

      Part No: PT4-000002