AutoVENT Foundation
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    The AutoVENT Foundation was started in April 2020 to help frontline caregivers more effectively care for COVID-19 patients in the event current healthcare capacity becomes overwhelmed. Our team of aerospace engineers have worked closely with clinicians and government COVID-19 response officials to design a rapidly deployable Automated Bag Valve Machine ('ABVM') for this purpose.

    Our initial production run of 500 AutoVENT ABVM's is committed for use in our home state of Vermont but we are prepared to scale to meet critical needs in the rest of the US, Canada, and around the world. We are currently working towards gaining the FDA's Emergency Use Authorization.

    We are offering full AutoVENT ABVM devices to healthcare organizations and government agencies at our cost, currently $475 (this does not include the bag valve mask, PEEP valve, tubing, or shipping and handling costs). To offset this cost further, we are actively working with individuals and foundations to fund our efforts to produce these devices. Additionally, we will make our detailed plans available for download so that other organizations can produce the AutoVENT ABVM with no royalty or license fee so long as they agree to offer the device to end users at cost.

    If you are a healthcare organization or government agency interested in obtaining the AutoVENT ABVM, please fill out the form below and we will work with you to get you what you need from us or from other organizations that are committed to helping.